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Kim Jonghyun | Sorry

Kim Jonghyun - 미안해 (Sorry)


Like you

Kim Jonghyun - Like You


Like You | Kim Jonghyun

140707 Kim Jonghyun - Like You (teaser)

[Jonghyun’s self-composed song for Blue Night Radio based on listeners submitted stories]

English Translation: (cr: kimchi hana @

Oh a woman like you

I only listened to the words

Of a woman like you

Like you (Like you)

Like you

A woman like you

Like you (I love)

Like you

I can’t make you out


so I heard it was yoonaday :^)

happy 24th birthday to the one and only im yoona! ♡ thank you for being you #HappyYoonADay


Yoona’s birthday picspam :)

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Just a few of the thousands of precious moments i have witnessed. Thank you for the tears, excitement and joy you brought into my life. Thank you for never letting your shield down through tough times. Thank you for the trust, friendship, and love you have given to us Shawols. Thank you for the brotherly bond that has glued you five stronger forever. Thank you for standing tall and yet still keeping your feet on the ground. Thank you for the unique and colorful music that only SHINee can make. And lastly, thank you for the six wonderful years you have shared with us. The distance between us is incomparable because SHINee and SHINee World is forever. Keep on SHINeeing bright my five stars from the universe, SHINee!

sixth years with SHINee

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Whenever you win awards, you are always apologising, saying you aren’t worthy and that you’ll work harder. Please… stop. You have worked hard and you deserve this. All that sweat and all of those tears, all the smiles and moments to cherish that you have given us, every soul that you have touched… it has made you more than worthy. Over these years you have developed into five outstanding men and there is nothing more that we could ever ask of you. You have grown to be one of the finest groups of men to walk this earth, and for that I am extremely proud. I’m sorry for the hardships you have faced along this path, but I hope you think it has been worth it. Thank you for your love, time, dedication and for standing as one for so long. May this year bring you happiness and the knowledge that you are good enough, better than good enough. We love you Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho and Lee Taemin.

Happy 6th Year Anniversary,
                        may this be your brightest year yet.

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